Compress Your Win with Skins

Are you struggling with niggling injuries? Cramp at the end of the race? Need a solution? Compression – it’s equipment not apparel.

What are the benefits of SKINS Compression?

SKINS A400.DNAmic, RY400, Essentials and TRI400 ranges are the only high performance apparel to take into account compression levels needed to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion. We call this dynamic gradient compression.

SKINS worked with the scientific and industrial research organisation in Australia to develop a device capable of taking multiple readings of the human body in motion. We hooked up SKINS athletes and for the first time ever, were able to accurately measure compression on muscles in motion – as they change shape with increased levels of oxygen-fuelled blood pumping through them.

We now know what compression levels are required for specific muscle groups whilst static, during activity and in post exercise recovery. We know where you need movement for comfort and injury prevention, and how to get the best circulatory benefits for more oxygen delivery and reduced lactic acid build-up. Improved circulation also helps to eliminate other metabolic wastes during an intense workout.

Our unique and proprietary knowledge is built into A400 and DNAmic products. So you can go out and tear up the ground. Rip a hole in your personal best. Shred the competition and go back for more.

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