Running Machine

In Store Running Machine – At Weybridge Sports

It’s time to say hello to our newest bit of kit.

We’ve finally gone and done it and introduced a running machine to the store.

Running is a massive part of our identity at Weybridge Sports – now stocking five brands.

1) ASICS 2) Hoka 3) On 4) Brooks 5) Saucony

Along with our Footwork Pro pressure plate, we now have the opportunity to take our service that extra mile.

A running shoe is an important purchase, it helps you glide when the run is easy and tough it out when the mileage gets hard.

It’s important to get the right shoe and now with our running machine and pressure plate we can help you get it 100% right.

Try the shoe out before you buy and make your next shoe the one that’s going to break records.

Book via our Facebook now or call us on 01932 842893 – bookings available weekly in 30 minute slots.

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