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  • 3in1 Massage Set


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    A 3in1 massage roller set that offers create muscle release to have in your gym bag.

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  • 45cm Foam Roller


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    A 45cm foam roller perfect for rolling out your body pre and post exercise. Releases tension and lactic build up around muscles, allowing you to function better during your next workout

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  • Sale!

    Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

    £44.99 £69.99

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    Runners powered by their favourite sound track but still able to hear the traffic around, biker hearing both GPS navigation and cars approaching from behind, office worker enjoying music still maintaining communication with colleagues, mom listening to her podcast but won’t miss a single sound bit of her baby in the cradle, vision impaired going around the town hearing both GPS and surroundingsā€¦ isn’t that a beautiful world? Better yet, there is nothing in their ears.

    Allows you to hear the world around you and makes running, cycling and driving safer

    We stock the mini size and normal size.

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  • Fitness Mad 1kg Dumbbell


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    The Fitness Mad Neo Dumbbell Pair 1kg are perfect for home exercises when you need to add a strength element.

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  • Fitness Mad Aerobic Stepper


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    Step up your game with Fitness Mad’s Studio Aerobic Step! This simple to set tool will have you working your muscles in a fun training session! A great tool for aerobics classes and exercise sessions at home or at the gym. The platform can be adjusted to three different heights: 11cm, 16cm, and 21cm. The feet and base have non-slip pads to keep you secure for the duration of your training session. No assembly required, and manufactured from high density polyethylene for a truly hardwearing piece of kit.Max user weight 200kg.

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  • Fitness Mad Core Fitness & Weight Training Glove


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    Featuring a half finger design, made for weight lifting and various activities requiring great grip, the Fitness Mad Core gloves offer unmatched comfort due to a leather palm with a soft cushioning and two-layer stretch-spandex back for increased coolness. With a 45mm (1.7 “) wide wrap, these resilient gloves ensure your wrists are stabilized while pressing the barbell, plus they offer pull off tabs for a swift and effortless removal.

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  • Fitness Mad Swiss Ball


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    Fitness-Mad’s Burst Resistant Swiss Ball with online exercise guide and pump. This ball is burst-resistant and has a load rating of 300kg. Perfect for Fit Ball workouts, Yoga, Pilates or physiotherapy and can be used as a chair to aid posture and core strength. The ball comes with a comprehensive online guide including 40 great Swiss ball exercises including warming up, bodyweight exercises and dumbbell work outs using the ball.

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  • Fitness Mad Warrior II 6mm Yoga Mat


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    The Warrior II 6mm yoga mat is a grippy mat that is perfect for home or out of home yoga sessions. They come in Purple and Light Blue.

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  • FM 16kg Kettle Bell


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    A cast iron, neoprene coated 16kg Kettle Bell from Fitness Mad.

    These are only available on Click and Collect and local delivery within three miles, so please bare this in mind when ordering.

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  • Medicine Balls


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    These Vector X medicine balls are the perfect home workout companions to help increase core and upper body strength.

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  • Night Runner Beanie


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    The Ronhill Night Runner Beanie was constructed using Regulite, a knitted fabric that is thermal and ideal at regulating body temperature as your body heats up whilst running. Regulite is soft to the touch and smooth next to the skin ensuring a comfortable feeling for the wearer. The thermal properties ensure warmth whilst the high wicking fabric also works to move moisture away from the skin. The material wicks excess sweat and moisture away from the skin to the outer layers of the fabric where it can be easily evaporated. Lastly, the reflective details ensure visibility to passing vehicles in low light.

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  • Phoenix 6kg Kettle Bell


    4 in stock

    Large easy grip handle

    Vinyl coated, wipe clean, non-scuff on your floors

    Perfect for your core stability and functional full body workouts

    Challenge both your muscular and cardio strength

    Increase your strength, endurance, agility and balance

    Engages many muscles groups at the same time building muscle quicker

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  • Pilates-Mad Core Fitness mat


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    The core fitness mat is perfect for home workouts or pilates sessions. It offers a great amount of cushioning for HIIT sessions or workouts where comfort is key.

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