Carbon Hockey Sticks

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  • Evolution 0.7


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    An 80% Carbon Construction hockey stick in a DSH bend. The Evolution 0.7 offers an 80% carbon stick in the innovative DSH for the intermediate player learning drag flicking and 3D skills, potentially transitioning from a junior or low carbon model.

    The fiberglass, kevlar and basalt base layers offer durability because of the resin that helps reduce brittleness that is often associated with Carbon. It includes m-gel vibration control in the handle.

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  • Evolution 0.9


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    This 50% carbon stick in a Pro Bend comes in at a fantastic price, considering the material lay-up ensures a good level of energy transfer, due to the high-quality of raw materials and unique nano-polymer resins (increasing the bonding between layers) used in construction, offering high ball speeds from hitting. The secondary materials used in the stick also provide a softness required for accurate stopping and control. It protects the joints of younger players that can suffer if a high carbon stick is used repeatedly.

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  • Genesis 0.1


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    The new 25% Carbon Pro-Bend composite stick is perfect for a junior player. The full carbon shell creates a good level of energy transfer for powerful execution. The vibration control required by younger players is created using an internal silicon rubber sleeve (M-GEL). This sleeve means that stopping and dribbling are enhanced as you can feel the ball on the stick much better. A perfect place to start your carbon stick learning.

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  • Genesis 0.2


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    The new 15% Carbon Pro-Bend hockey stick is an entry level composite stick, with specifically placed carbon inserts to provide good levels of stiffness, durability and strength in key areas.

    Available in 2 colours:

    Red / Black

    Blue / Black

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  • GR 4000 DYNABOW


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    The GR4000 Dynabow combines our classic GX technology with Graphene to create a performance stick at an affordable price. The GR4000 is ideal for controlling the ball and executing short passes. The Dynabow blade profile has a gradual bow with slim mid-section for stick handling and the Micro head shape for 3D skills.

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