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    If you like the look of the design of the Vapour 1.0 but prefer more toned-down stickers, then the Vapour 1.1 might be for you.

    We’ve switched out the blue for black and chrome, offering a classy alternative. The bat remains the same, with a low, imposing middle which benefits front foot play.

    The low middle doesn’t mean a heavy pick-up, however. Our precision shaping takes distributes weight through the blade for incredible balance.

    Huge edges, an imposing middle and a square toe all contribute to a really intimidating shape which will have bowlers recoiling in horror as you stride to the crease.

    Please note, a bat cover is not included and it’s a collection only item or delivery within three miles of the store

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    The sole frame in the Blade lineup equipped with Spin Effect Technology, the Blade 98S V7.0 brings another game-changing technology into play: FeelFlex. This evolution of FreeFlex, the technology in the revolutionary Clash series, features strategically placed carbon mapping in the frame for enhanced racket flexibility and stability. As a result, users feel more connected to the ball than ever before and can comfortably rip shots from all over the court. The Spin Effect string pattern increases ball RPM without players needing to adjust their strokes, making this racket a must-have for any aggressive player looking for a top-flight combination of feel and spin.
    This racket ships unstrung
    Grip Size 1
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