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    The bat Ben Stokes will be using in a classy Grade 2 English Willow. The Diamond range of products was made in conjunction with England’s superstar all-rounder Ben Stokes, using his preferred colour scheme. The bat was designed with Ben in mind and features a shorter-than-traditional blade length at 540mm, boasting a large sweet spot which allows for unparalleled ball-striking confidence. The shorter blade length also enables the Diamond to have fantastic balance, creating a perfect pick up and feel. The traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile, ideal for dynamic stroke-makers.

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    A great value English Willow cricket bat in a collection of profiles designed and produced at our own factory in Nottingham. Painted and fitted with a hard-wearing grained GM polycarbonate cover as standard, and finished in an eye-catching metallic blue and bold red color scheme.

    The Radon is fitted with a Hex grip, specifically engineered to offer the most grip available on the market, ensuring perfect grip at all times.

    Made in England from Prime English Willow in a range of shapes and sizes.

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  • GM SPARQ 707


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    Sparq DXM 707 cricket bat from Gunn & Moore has a semi flat face profile and a Powerarc Bow for balance and power.


    Concaved rear blade profile for a superb pick up.


    Slightly offset edges for increased power to balance ratio.


    Mid-high swell position for all round controlled stroke play.


    Expertly crafted in Nottingham from seasoned unbleached Grade 2 English Willow.


    Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control.


    GM Now – Knocked-in, raw linseed oil applied and clear anti-scuff sheet applied to the face and edges to aid durability. Further knocking-in is recommended.


    Toe Tek fitted – DriGuard applied and toe guard fitted to reduce toe damage caused by tapping at the crease and act as a barrier to damp.


    GM Pro Lite grip.

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    If you are a club or casual cricketer looking for a high performance piece of kit this season, the Vapour 1.0 200 cricket bat is your ideal choice.

    With an amazing pick-up despite its low, large middle, you’ll be able to get on the front foot with ease this season.

    How have we achieved this pick-up? Our innovative bat shaping gives us the edge over our competitors, allowing even our fullest bats to pick-up as light as a feather.

    The look and feel is a reminder of the classic Shockwave bat, and had been designed in conjunction with England star Ollie Pope, whose penchant for blue dovetailed beautifully into our design scheme.

    Coming with a square toe, Extratec sheet on the face and a zig zag grip, the Vapour 1.0 200 bat really packs a lot of punches.

    Please note, a bat cover is not included

    Item is collection only or a delivery to within 3 miles to store, we do not ship the product.

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    If you like the look of the design of the Vapour 1.0 but prefer more toned-down stickers, then the Vapour 1.1 might be for you.

    We’ve switched out the blue for black and chrome, offering a classy alternative. The bat remains the same, with a low, imposing middle which benefits front foot play.

    The low middle doesn’t mean a heavy pick-up, however. Our precision shaping takes distributes weight through the blade for incredible balance.

    Huge edges, an imposing middle and a square toe all contribute to a really intimidating shape which will have bowlers recoiling in horror as you stride to the crease.

    Please note, a bat cover is not included and it’s a collection only item or delivery within three miles of the store

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    Are you looking for a bat to play some casual, friendly cricket this summer? The Vapour 1.0 150 bat is the end of your search!

    Packing serious punch without the price tag, the Vapour 1.0 150 has a booming, low middle, which will encourage players to get on the front foot. The imposing middle and intimidating edges ensure you’ll be clearing the rope without issue when you take to the crease.

    Big middle doesn’t necessarily mean heavy pick-up, however. Our innovative shaping ensures weight is removed from the bottom of the bat, giving a beautiful balance and pick-up.

    The stickers were designed in conjunction with England star Ollie Pope, whose preference for blue informed our work, with memories of the Shockwave bat sure to be evoked.

    Please note, a bat cover is not included and delivery is collection only and/or delivery to within three miles of store

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