Running Shoes

We stock a great range of running shoes from the following brands: ASICS, Brooks, Hoka, On and Saucony.

Do you pronate or are you neutral? If unsure, our gait analysis machine will give us an in depth look via a heat map as to where the pressure points are on your feet – and therefore what type of shoe you need!

We have a great range of ASICS shoes.

Our Brooks running shoes are a perfect blend of performance and street-ready style.

Our Hoka running shoes great for the runner that’s going the distance or the starter runner that wants something easy on their feet.

Our On running shoes deliver an unbelievably light running sensation – like running on clouds.

Our Saucony road running and trail shoes are lighter than ASICS and have a lower drop to the surface.

Running Clothing

Our range of running clothing is based around the traditional Ronhill apparel.

Ron Hill is a famous British marathon runner and his clothing range stands out from other brands. We stock men’s tights, shorts, jackets and T’s – all essential running gear. Our women’s range is simple but effective.

Our ASICS running clothing is more stylish and a fashionable fit for runners. It also looks great and the technical aspects will surprise you when getting a sweat on.

We also stock a range of SKINS compression gear.

Compression stops the build up of lactic acid and helps improve performance when training and in races. It also speeds up the post workout recovery and will get you back on the road quicker than you expect. See in store for more.

Running Equipment & Accessories

We stock Nike iPhone holders, along with a good selection of running gloves and nutritional products. High 5, Clif and SIS all feature in our new range.

We also stock, elastic running laces, water bottles and Hilly/Asics technical running socks.