When the calendar ticks over to January 1st and the excesses of the festive period are left behind this is often the trigger for many people to take up running or start to increase their mileage in preparation for forthcoming Half Marathon or Marathon events.

If you are thinking about a nice new pair of running shoes then a gait analysis session can really help you to determine the perfect trainers for your running style.
We have now launched our partnership with ArionHUB, a group of tech specialists who have developed an easy to use app-driven system, featuring insoles that give real time feedback paired with video analysis for a complete picture of your running form.

This Gait Analysis session is around 45 minutes. For more information on the session see the Arion Hub info below.

We do offer a 30 minute treadmill session and shoe fitting free of charge, but we recommend recreational and serious runners to get the full fitting to be as ready for the road as possible.

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Here is an example of just how powerful the ArionHUB Gait analysis system is:

What else will a Gait Analysis session tell me?

One minute on a treadmill is enough for ARION’s ipad app to analyse a customers run technique and generate a completely unique and personalised report. Although one minute isn’t enough to complete the service.

With Arion Hub we can Analyse shoe performance and it gives the customer the freedom to test any shoe and immediately see how it performs against other options in the comparison area of the app.

We can then look at the foot strike points (heel or toe, neutral or over pronator), contact time and cadence to rule out shoes during the process.

Using Real-time measurements it enhances the experience by letting you see an instantaneous pressure heatmap of every step single you take.
With the app we can reassure you with visible innovation and objective running data based over a dozen different metrics specific to your individual technique.

Once you have completed a gait analysis session at Weybridge Sports, a digital report is sent to your email address.

Using this you can review your results, share them with fellow runners, and link directly to Weybridge Sports online.

The digital report contains all the important insights such as:

  • Information about the shoes you tried on
  • Take-aways on key metrics
  • Biomechanical loads, pressure and metrics over time
  • Average metrics & performance

You can book your gait analysis session on our Facebook page :

Or contact us in store if you have any questions via email or 01932 842893