Polar M430 running watch at Weybridge Sports

What’s so great about the Polar M430?

Running has taken off over the past few years, the growth in events is massive and running shoe brands are becoming more innovative and trendy to wear. Look at ON and Hoka for example.

Let’s talk about running watches. Not a fan of a sports watch? Still using Strava? Here is why the M430 can help you out.

A stylish fit, the M430 comes in black, white and orange, and looks great on. Not only does it do the job as a fashion accessory, it’s one of the best running watches around.

An integrated GPS system (to track routes run) and wrist-based heart rate tracking are just two of the many benefits to the M430.

If you’re training for a marathon, half marathon, 10K or smaller distance, the ability to be able to check what pace you’re maintaining is great. It allows you to start at an easier tempo and build up depending on your heart rate.

Not only is it a great training aid, with the Polar Flow app you can input the event you’re training for and you will have a ready made training programme.

The watch will also keep you informed on your training state. So if you’ve done too much in a session it’ll let you know when it thinks you should train again – perfect for avoiding sore muscles and tiredness.

We also stock the A370 fitness tracker. Both are perfect as Christmas presents.

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